Main Office

801 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Suite 360
Washington, DC 20003

  • Sue Marshall, Executive Director
  • Thecla Alem, Accounting Manager
  • Sabrina Burrell, CAHP Coordinator (Youth)
  • Teresa Chen, Staff Accountant
  • Ashley Coard, Compliance Specialist
  • Candyce Coates, Senior Program Officer
  • Leigh Cordeiro, CAHP Coordinator (Veterans)
  • Der'Robert Davidson, Program Assistant
  • Tom Fredericksen, Chief of Policy & Programs
  • Wesley Gordon, Training Support Specialist
  • Amanda Koger, CAHP Data Specialist
  • Eileen Kroszner, Deputy Chief of Policy & Programs
  • Jose Lucio, Chief of Contracting and Procurement
  • Jennifer Mine, Program Officer
  • Sundayma Njal, Junior Accountant
  • Kelly Paton, Analyst
  • Le Phan, Staff Accountant
  • Victoria Powell-Lawrence, Receptionist 
  • Joshua Pruett, Staff Accountant
  • Robert Santiago, Junior Accountant
  • Eric Shneider, CAHP Coordinator
  • Tianna Seaborn, Executive Assistant
  • Patricia Smith, Senior Property Administrator
  • Lisa Sibblies, Contract and Procurement Specialist
  • Charlene Traylor, Senior Program Officer
  • Molly Vetter, Analyst
  • Steven Yan, Senior Accountant
  • Elisabeth Young, Analyst 
  • Xiaowei Zheng, Chief Financial Officer

Main Office, Suite 301

  • Yerin Cho, Program Assistant
  • Kevin Craver, Chief of Family Programs 
  • Dominique Crawford, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Natasha Hall-Thompson, Family Housing Support Specialist
  • Terri Harding-Campbell, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Temprest Middleton, Family Housing Coordinator 
  • Dwight Newby Jr., Senior Program Liaison
  • Jane Oh, FRSP Program Manager
  • Jillian Palacios, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Bridgette Rogers, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Calique Smith, Office Manager

650 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Suite 230

  • Monica Buchanan, Family Eligibility Specialist
  • Delano Hayles, Administrative Associate 
  • Kim Kendrick, General Counsel
  • Clarence Landers, Operations Support Manager
  • Dexter Price, Landlord Engagement Project Manager
  • Clarence Stewart, Chief of Housing
Emergency Shelter

  • Michael Berry, Operations Manager
  • Tianee Moses, Chief of Shelter Services
  • Sharnae Strozier, Shelter Service Manager
  • Jasmine Wardrick, Operation Administrative Assistant

Virginia Williams Family Resource Center                                   

920A Rhode Island Avenue NE (2nd floor)
Washington, DC 20018
  • Devon Duckett, RRH Leasing Coordinator
  • Luchiea Hinnant, RRH Leasing Coordinator
  • Sontia Jones, Housing Exit Specialist
ERAP- Emergency Rental Assistance Program
  • Tiffany Payton-Bellamy, Prevention Specialist
  • Shantaye Pelzer, Administrative Assistant
  • Tomeka Seaborn, Senior Program Manager
  • Andrew Turner, Prevention Specialist