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The Senior Management Team oversees the day-to-day operations of The Community Partnership.

Sue Marshall, Executive Director


Operations Team

Michael Berry, Chief of Operations


  • Sharnae Strozier, Operations Services Coordinator
  • Jasmine Wardrick, Operations Coordinator

Family Programs Team

Kevin Craver, Chief of Family Programs


  • Monica Buchanan, Family Eligibility Specialist
  • Dominique Crawford, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Devon Duckett, Leasing Coordinator
  • Chiquita Foster, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Natasha Hall-Thompson, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Terri Harding-Campbell, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Sontia Jones, Leasing Coordinator
  • Nichole Kelly, Leasing Coordinator
  • Min Hee Kim, Program Assistant
  • Tianee Moses-Newby, Leasing Manager
  • Jane Oh, FRSP Program Manager
  • Bridgette Rogers, Family Housing Coordinator
  • Candis Williamson, Leasing Coordinator

Policy and Programs Team

Tom Fredericksen, Chief of Policy and Programs


  • Patrice Guyton, HMIS Specialist
  • Tyrell McQueen, Analyst
  • Sara Platek, HMIS Specialist
  • Molly Vetter, Analyst
  • Elisabeth Young, Deputy Chief of Policy and Programs
  • Leigh Cordeiro, CAHP Administrator
  • Sarah Flinspach, CAHP Coordinator (Singles)
  • Samantha Nolet, CAHP Coordinator (Youth)
  • Eric Schneider, CAHP Coordinator (Singles)

Office of General Counsel

Kim Kendrick, General Counsel


  • Lawrence Bailey Jr., Records Retention Coordinator
  • Delano Hayles, Human Resources Manager
  • Clarence Landers, Operations Support Manager
  • Victoria Powell-Lawrence, Receptionist
  • Calique Smith, Office Manager

Contracting and Procurement Team

Jose Lucio, Chief of Contracting and Procurement


  • Shawn Billups Jr., Compliance Specialist
  • Ashley Burrell, Senior Compliance Specialist
  • Jessica Clingerman, Training Coordinator
  • Candyce Coates, Deputy Chief of Contracting and Procurement
  • Tiffany Eley, Contract Support Specialist
  • Marsheika Gee, Federal and Community Grants Administrator
  • Apryll Green, Contract & Procurement Specialist
  • Jenna Kearney, Contract Support Specialist

Housing Team

Clarence Stewart, Chief of Housing


  • Gregory Fletcher, Prevention Specialist
  • Shantaye Newman, Administrative Assistant
  • Tomeka Seaborn, Senior Program Manager
  • Vernon Slater, Prevention Specialist
  • Patricia Smith, Senior Property Administrator
  • Leslie Vallejo-Obando, Prevention Specialist
  • Nina Wallace, Prevention Specialist
  • Latavia Walston, Prevention Specialist

Finance Team

Xiaowei Zheng, Chief Financial Officer


  • Josue Gonzale, Staff Accountant
  • Changzhe Huang, Junior Accountant
  • Duyen Nguyen, Junior Accountant
  • Rui Ma, Controller
  • Joshua Pruett, Senior Accountant
  • Le Phan, Financial Manager
  • Tammy Su, Staff Accountant
  • Hao Zhang, Staff Accountant