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New Agencies

Is your agency brand new to DC HMIS? Or is your agency returning after an absence? If so, your agency’s leadership will need to complete paperwork in order for your agency to be set up and gain access to DC HMIS.


Which agencies can join DC HMIS?
  • Agencies that are funded for homeless services in DC through Federal or local funding sources.
  • Agencies that are approved to work with the Coordinated Entry (CAHP) program.
  • Other agencies that primarily serve homeless individuals and families within the District of Columbia.
My Agency fits the requirements. How do we get started?

To get started, complete the New Agency Form.

This is the information you will need to successfully complete this form:

  • Agency’s Legal Name
  • Agency’s Doing Business As (DBA) name if applicable
  • Agency’s Acronym (if you have one)
  • Agency’s Executive Director’s email and phone number
  • One other person as a point of contact with their email and phone number
  • What the agency does  and how it would like to use HMIS
  • What funding, if any the agency and its programs has that might require it to use HMIS
  • When you were looking to begin accessing and using HMIS
** Please note that the process for getting a new agency set up in HMIS can take a few weeks to be fully completed once all agency paperwork has been received. Users from new agencies are not able to begin HMIS training until this set up process is complete. **

Existing Agencies

Is your agency already participating in DC HMIS, but you need a new program set up in HMIS?

Complete the HMIS Provider Form.

The information you will need to successfully complete this form can be found here: Provider Set up Questions