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Thank you for your interest in The Community Partnership’s trainings. The Community Partnership (TCP) offers several different types of trainings. Not every training is required for every provider. If you are uncertain which trainings you are required to attend, please refer to your most recent contract and training transcript.

Types of trainings

Trainings Conducted by TCP

During the last full week of every month, TCP sends a calendar of trainings for the following month. TCP sends this to Training Compliance Point of Contact as indicated on the TCP Form 904- Program Information. This individual is responsible for circulating the training calendar to program staff. To receive the training announcement, please contact your agency’s leadership. Please note: TCP staff is unable to forward the calendar to anyone who has not been listed on their agency’s 904 form.


Additional Training Requirements

PEP-V Training

*Please note not every training is required for every provider. Providers please see your most recent contract for an accurate listing of required training.

**NOTE: Please send an email to Jessica Clingerman  if you have questions regarding PEP-V Training Resources.

The virtual trainings below are to be completed ONLY by PEP-V staff. All others must complete the regularly scheduled monthly training described in the Course Catalog. Please note that certificates of completion are not available for these trainings and will not be provided. 

801 East Trainings

Reasonable Accommodation Training Resources
Hypothermia In Service Training
HSRA, Customer Service & Language Access Training

These videos are password protected and the password must be typed in manually to work. Please speak with your supervisor or agency administrator to obtain the passwords.

HMIS Trainings