Required Provider Training

*Please note not every training is required for every provider. Providers please see your most recent contract for an accurate listing of required training.

**NOTE: The link above will now ask you for a password before you enter the training portal. Please send an email to Wesley Gordon or Charlene Traylor if you need access.

Download TCP Provider Training Overview (Updated 7.8.20)

How to Cancel Eventbrite Registrations

Additional Required Trainings

COVID-19 Screening Training for Shelter Staff

The purpose of the training is to walk through the process of conducting non-medical COVID-19 screening for clients.  The training is intended for shelter staff or security staff who are screening clients for symptoms of COVID-19 when the Motir nurses are not on site.

COVID-19 Screening Training Video 

Mandated Reporter
Who should attend? : All Staff

Mandated Reporter Training Sign Up

Stress Management
Who should attend? : All Staff

Stress Management Training Video
Stress Management Presentation

Who should attend? : All Staff

Mindfulness Presentation
Mindfulness Training Videos

Critical Incident Report
Who should attend? : All Non-DHS funded Program Staff

Incident Reporting Resource Page

Essential Elements of Emergency Preparation and Special Needs
Who should attend?: All Staff

Emergency Preparation and Special Needs Video

HMIS & SLED Trainings