HMIS Training

Who Can Participate in DC HMIS Trainings?

DC HMIS Trainings are open to staff members of HMIS Participating Agencies. 

HMIS Trainings are open to both new and current HMIS users. 

Is your Agency not currently participating in DC’s HMIS? Check out the New to HMIS page to find out how to request to become a Participating Agency.

What Is the New User Training Process?

DC HMIS’s training is broken into multiple steps. These steps allow users to better select the correct trainings for their specific needs. 

Step 1:

DC 100: The Basics of Data Entry

Step 2: 

DC 101 –  DC 128 HMIS Workflows

  • These trainings are REQUIRED for all DCHMIS users regardless of user role, workflow, or Agency type (CAHP participating or not)
  • Select the one training that best fits your organization. 
  • Registration links found here

Step 3:

DC 300 – DC 303 CAHP HMIS Workflows

  • These trainings are only open to those Agencies that are participating in CAHP in HMIS. 
  • Work with your supervisor and Agency Admin to determine if you are required to take these trainings.
  • Registration links found here.

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