Twin and full-sized comforters Calvary Women's Services
Twin sized bed-in-a-bag sets Calvary Women's Services
Gift cards to CVS, Target, Walmart or local grocery stores Movie passes Calvary Women's Services
Weekly and monthly planners Calvary Women's Services
Watches Calvary Women's Services
Umbrellas Calvary Women's Services
Flip-flop sandals Calvary Women's Services
Bathrobes (S-3X) Calvary Women's Services
Slippers Calvary Women's Services
Pajamas (S-XL) Calvary Women's Services
Pillowcases Calvary Women's Services
Twin and full-sized sheets Calvary Women's Services, Wanda Alston Foundation
T-shirts (large size)* Capitol Hill Group Ministry
Hats** Capitol Hill Group Ministry
Scarves** Capitol Hill Group Ministry
Blankets (Indoor & Outdoor)* Capitol Hill Group Ministry
Unopened Toiletries Capitol Hill Group Ministry, Community of Hope, Thrive DC, JHP, Calvary Women's Services, N Street Village, Christ House 
Men's Clothing Christ House
Coffee  Christ House 
25-pound bags of sugar  Christ House 
Tea bags  Christ House 
Costco gift cards  Christ House 
Frozen concentrated orange juice  Christ House 
Sugar substitute packets  Christ House 
Bottled water  Christ House 
Sugar-free jelly/jam  Christ House 
Oatmeal  Christ House 
Fresh fruit  Christ House 
Fresh vegetables  Christ House 
Bingo prizes, about $3-5 value (team logo items, etc.)  Christ House 
Tickets to local events (theater, Redskins, Wizards, etc.)  Christ House 
Gift certificates to Safeway, Target, Five Below, CVS, or Starbucks  Christ House 
Coloring books for adults (Mandala coloring books)  Christ House 
Colored pencils  Christ House 
Word search books  Christ House 
Decks of playing cards  Christ House 
DVDs (especially action/adventure)  Christ House 
Socks Christ House, Capitol Hill Group Ministry, Pathways to Housing
Brown rice  Christ House, DC Central Kitchen 
Infant or toddler winter clothing Community of Hope
Baby blankets Community of Hope
Bath towels Community of Hope 
Washcloths Community of Hope, Calvary Women's Services
Twin and full bed blankets Community of Hope, Wanda Alston Foundation
Cans of Diced Tomatoes D.C. Central Kitchen
Canned chicken or Tuna D.C. Central Kitchen
Multipurpose spray (prime pantry), kitchen cleaner spray N Street Village 
Bathroom cleaner spray (with bleach) N Street Village 
Dish detergent liquid  N Street Village 
Clorox wipes N Street Village 
Paper towels (24)Paper towels (6) N Street Village 
Comet powder N Street Village 
Sponges N Street Village 
Magic eraser sponges N Street Village 
Toilet paper (individually wrapped) N Street Village 
Depends in all-sizes  N Street Village 
Long johns/leggings Pathways to Housing DC
Coats Pathways to Housing DC (size large); Thrive DC (new/used winter coats); N Street Village (plus size coats); Capitol Hill Group Ministry (coats) 
Gloves Pathways to Housing DC, Capitol Hill Group Ministry
Liquid laundry detergent (pods or regular liquid) Thrive DC
Adult diapers Thrive DC
New women and men's underwear Thrive DC, Capitol Hill Group Ministry
Pre-paid Metro cards Wanda Alston Foundation
Non-Perishable food Wanda Alston Foundation, JHP, Capitol Hill Group Ministry