Language Access Act of 2004

The Language Access Act of 2004, including updated regulations passed in 2014, provides improved access and participation in District services and programs for residents with limited or no-English proficiency. As a result, District government programs and services are required and equipped to assess and provide necessary oral language interpretation services and written translations for individuals and/or populations who are likely to be served or encountered. The Language Access Act of 2004 mandates that all District government services and programs create and implement a language access plan and designate a language access coordinator to ensure compliance. The Language Access (LA) Program exists to ensure District residents who are limited or non-English proficient are afforded equal access to information and services provided by the District. Residents who speak little English must be offered interpretation services and/or translated documents when obtaining government services, as required by the Language Access Act of 2004

For hard copies of any of the language access forms or for the access code to the language access line, please contact Charlene Traylor or by phone at (202) 543-5298 ext. 122