Contract Deliverables

These forms are required for each contract a provider has with TCP. For more information on due dates, how to submit these to TCP or a detailed description of what each deliverable (including those not listed below), please review the Contract Deliverable Table.

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Deliverables Review Webinar Recording

General Deliverables

Contract Deliverable Descriptions

Contract Extension Deliverable Checklist

TCP Form 326 – Budget and Invoicing

TCP Form 327 – Initial Budget DHS Providers

TCP Form 328 – Budget Narrative

Budgeting and Invoicing Manual

Deliverable Checklist FY19

First Source Employment Agreement

Instructions for Completing Staffing List

DHS Contract: Employee Clearance Submission Form

HUD Contract: Employee Clearance Submission Form

Program Rules – FY 18 Templates

Program Rules Extension Letter 4/15/2019

Family Non FRSP RRH Template

Family PSH Template

Family Temporary Template

Family Transitional Template

Hypothermia Shelter Template

Low Barrier Shelter Template

Single PSH Template

Single Temporary Template

Single Transitional Template

Youth PSH TCP Template

Youth Temporary TCP Template

Youth Transitional Sole Source Template

Finance Deliverables

Budgeting and Invoicing Manual

TCP Form 297 Audit Information Request Form

TCP Form 298 Certification of Agency’s Fiscal Controls

TCP Form 300 ACH Enrollment/Change Form

TCP Form 315 Initial Budget – HUD Providers Only

TCP Form 326 Invoicing Form

TCP Form 327 Initial Budget – DHS Providers Only

TCP Form 328 Budget Narrative Form

TCP Form 905 Staffing List Instructions

Facility Management Deliverables

TCP Emergency Preparedness Plan 2020

How to Submit and Request a Fire Inspection

How to Request a DC Fire & Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Fire Safety Inspection

Fire Drill Log Form

TCP Form 906 Safety Sensitive Positions

Click here to schedule you Annual Fire and Safety Inspection

Monthly Facilities Management Deliverables

SSR Submission Form